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PARUU® Watch case opener knife tool ST1032 - PARUU INC

PARUU® Watch case opener knife tool ST1032

$7.99 $14.99

PARUU® Watch case opener knife tool ST1032


  1. Suitable for opening watch back case.
  2. Remove the watch back case to replace battery.
  3. A must-have tool for watch maker & user.


  1. Condition: New
  2. Name: Watch Back Case Opener
  3. Color: Blue
  4. Size: About 115 x 15 x 4mm
  5. Net Weight: About 13g

Package Content:

1 x Watch case opener knife tool.

Watch case opener:

Nothing works better to pop the back off a watch then a watch case opener. Sure, you can use any thin, flat, durable object like a pocketknife or such, but a watch case opener is safer, and you won’t come up short a finger or two.

If your watch back snaps off, like half the watches do, you’ll be able to tell just by looking at the back of the watch. Look around the rim, do you see a little lip sticking up like the one in the photo…

That lip means “I can be popped off.” Grab a watch case opener, put the sharp edge under the lip with the knife at an angle, like so…

With a little pressure in, and a little push up at the same time, you should be able to snap the lid right off the watch…

Now you can change your battery with ease.

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