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Paruu Jewelers Bench Pin V-Slot Bench Pin with Clamp ST341 - PARUU INC

Paruu Jewelers Bench Pin V-Slot Bench Pin with Clamp ST341

$14.99 $34.99

Replacement Hardwood Bench Pin New unused high quality product. Has a large V-slot in the center for small and large sawing operations, with a mini protruding bench pin for working on rings. Quality hardwood pin without metal clamp.6″ x 2″ approx. Buy with Confidence. 30 days money back Guarantee. Very high quality product not like other cheap alternatives

Made of quality hardwood with a deluxe clamp. Made in India. Clamps easily to a bench or table edge up to 1 3/4" thick.

This is a great tool to help you properly hold sheet metal to comfortably and precisely saw it. Having trouble setting up your bench pin? Follow these steps:

Unscrew the clamp so the opening is big.

Insert the clamp (the squared off end) underneath the bench pin and up through the hole (the side that doesn’t have the cutout). 

The squared-off clamp should fit into the top slot cutout in the pin. 

The gap between the underside of the pin and the top of the screw part of the clamp attaches to the table. Tighten the clamp screw so it grips on the table and bench pin should be secure. 

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