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PARUU® Mini combination rolling mill with cover and 7 Rollers st449

PARUU® Mini combination rolling mill with cover and 7 Rollers st449

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  • Mini combination rolling mill with 7 rolls of size 3" x 1 5/8" supplied with high quality ss gears and wheels 2 plain 2 wire 1 v shaped and half round and fancy rolls.
  • Weight 28kg.
  • As with all rolling mills they are for use with nonferrous metals.
  • A rolling mill is a tool used to apply pressure to metal to flatten and lengthen it.
  • A rolling mill is often used to press an ingot (a block of metal) into more easily workable sheet or wire.
  • It is very useful in flattening and stretching metal, very good also for the fusing process between two pieces of metal. Other uses include roll printing or patterning.
  • It is a good idea to anneal the metal to eliminate potential brittleness.
  • The rollers:
    • 2 plain rolls for sheet rolling
    • 2 wire rolls for wire drawing
    • 1 roll with cross checks and flat checks
    • 1 roll with dull and lining
    • 1 roll with v groove and half round
  • The combination rolling mill has a max capacity to draw sheets of 5swg (approx. 4mm) and a minimum 26swg approx.4mm, if a sheet bigger than 5mm is used then there will be pressure on the edge of the gears and that isn’t healthy for the machine's well-being as it could crack the gears.
  • The maximum capacity is 50gms gold.
  • Dimensions approx. width 5" length 7.5" and overall including gears approx. 10".

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